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You’re not just launching an app. You’re creating a learning experience that needs to engage, inspire, and transform your learners.




Still trying to remember the difference between McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y? Brush up on your Project Management knowledge with PMQuiz for the iPhone.



The must have classroom management tool that gives instructors an easy-to-use method of tracking and grading student participation, as it happens.

Safety Check


Winner of the 'Best in Show Award' at mLearnCon 2014 in San Diego, SafetyCheck is an iBeacon enabled workplace safety and compliance app that will help keep your employees safe on the job.


Science of ECD Primer

SECD Primer - developed in conjunction with Nunavut Arctic College - is an interactive eBook version of the popular Science of Early Childhood Development multimedia resource.


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Rather than tout ourselves as a "jack of all trades" and risk spreading ourselves too thin, our motto is "Do one thing, and do it right." We focus exclusively on mobile app design and development for workplace learning.

  • Performance Support Tools

    It's a fact that employees forget most of what they learn from classroom training after just 48 hours. Native apps can help reverse this statistic. Our performance support apps provide context sensitive information, guidance and tools to ensure your training transfers to the workplace.

  • Interactive eBooks and mini-courses

    Mini-courses provide an opportunity for the learner to focus on one topic in short bursts. When combined with spaced repetition techniques and interactive multimedia, mini-courses can be a potent addition to your learning strategy.

  • Quizzing tools

    Practice makes perfect. But old school multiple-choice quizzes are just plain boring. That's why we've added game-based elements to our quizzes. More than just a cool feature, gamification has proven itself as a powerful motivation and engagement technique for learning.



Low Fidelity Prototype

Our app building process begins with the creation of a low-fidelity prototype that focuses on key features, functionality, and layout. Thanks to the Balsamiq prototyping tool, we can have a clickable prototype in the client's hands within five business days of project kickoff. We then iterate with the client, usually over a two to three week period, until prototype completion.


High Fidelity Prototype

The high-fidelity prototype phase is where the application begins to take shape. Colors, fonts, animations and the app logo are all created during this phase. We use MarvelApp to create a prototype that looks and feels just like your final product The goal of this phases is to get lots of feedback BEFORE the coding begins.


Iterative development

No good chef waits until she’s done cooking before sampling. The voilà c’est magnifique! approach doesn’t work for cooking, and it doesn’t work for software development. With us, you’ll receive daily updates and provide feedback during the development process - not just at the end when it's too late.



Distribution and deployment are the Achilles heel of a successful app. Certificates, provisioning profiles, export encryption…all these headaches can cause even a seasoned techie to want to pull his hair out. We understand this process and can guide you to a successful launch.

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